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Tiry są potrzebne aby przewieźć powierzchnię jaką zajmuje nasz magazyn z gadżetami i dekoracjami.

Our comprehensive marketing offer includes all the tools needed to complete the planned strategy.

Therefore, we offer services and solutions in the following areas:

  • visual identification (product catalogs, graphic design)
  • external communication (CSR strategies SWOT analysis) and internal (custom publishing)
  • Media relations (developing press materials, contact with the media)
  • Outdoor advertising (roll-up banners, exhibition stands)
  • advertising materials and gadgets
  • creating media (commercials, promotional films, 3D animations)

selected Realizations

Reconstruction of the Eastern Breakwater in Swinoujscie

Implementation of the project for the Maritime Office in Szczecin: "Reconstruction of the Eastern Breakwater in Swinoujscie".

Promotional materials for the TT-Line

Design and implementation of a series of promotional items for TT-Line

Purchase of rolling stock

Information and promotion campaign of the project: "The acquisition of rolling stock for regional passenger rail services" performed for the Wielkopolska Region.

Modernization of road access to the Port of Szczecin

Carrying out activities to promote the project "Modernization of road access to the Port of Szczecin", completed for the City of Szczecin.

Ports Szczecin Lagoon

Information and promotion activities of the project: "Ports Szczecin Lagoon - improving the quality of infrastructure development opportunity", implemented for the Maritime Office in Szczecin.