Już w sobotę Piknik Lotniczy! Zapraszamy!

Szczecin Air Picnic 2014 in progress!

Just 9th of August we welcome for Szczecin Air Picnic. Where? Szczecin-Dabie Airport. We are starting at 10:00 a.m.! Soon more information

Danish prince couple in Szczecin!

Her Majesty Princess of Dutch Mary Elisabeth in the presence of her husband, Prince Frederik, had hosted Szczecin. We had an honor to organize inaugur...

Picnic in Krzyż Wielkopolski

Aww! We are also riding to Krzyż Wielkopolski, because they need us there too. At the picnic we are making laugh, giving prizes, and painting kids fac...

May Day Picnic

Are you going for May Day? We too! But during this we intensively think about some Princess…